This page contains a number of photo and image galleries related to the project.

Media Photos

Please contact me if you need higher resolution versions or want to arrange a photoshoot.

Early Concept Art

Yes I can’t draw – that’s why I hired someone to do my cover art! Several of these refer to entire chapters or plotlines that only existed in early drafts of the book.

Real World Inspiration – SPOILER ALERT!!!

Here’s a selection of photos I snapped that either inspired or matched situations in the book. If you’ve read the book, you can probably work out which part is related to which photo. And if you haven’t read the book – what are you doing? Go get it here!

Manuscript Progression

A selection of photos snapped at various draft and editing stages – note the coffees and red wine 🙂

Paperback Production

Production involved many iterations of manuscript production, testing samples from local and international printing companies, ordering electronic and physical proof copies, and, finally, the first print run.