This page contains information on all creators, advisers, mathematical organizations, schools and companies associated with this project.

Writer and Producer

Dr Michael Milford
portrait_medium Michael Milford is the creator and producer of A Question of Will. You can read more about him by clicking here.

Consultant Editors and Writers

Dr Lee McGowan
lee_mcgowan  Lee McGowan is a lecturer and Head of Studies, Postgraduate Coursework at the Queensland University of Technology. Lee provided extensive guidance and mentoring for the first two years of the project.
James Roy
james_roy  James Roy is a professional young adult writer who consulted in the later part of the project.

Design and General Consulting

Peter O'Connor
peter_oconnor Peter O’Connor is the founder of Bespoke Book Covers, and designed the fantastic cover for A Question of Will.
Nadja Oertelt
Nadja is a scientist, digital media producer and documentary filmmaker interested in the intersection of science and the arts. She currently works as a producer at HarvardX, creating a multimedia, interactive, episodic online neuroscience course with a team of scientists, artists, developers and filmmakers.


Academic and Teaching Expertise

Professor Robert Fitzgerald
robert_fitzgerald Robert Fitzgerald has been a leader and innovator in the field of Information and Communication Technology Education (ICTE) for over 20 years working across the schools and university sector. He is internationally recognized for his research and development work on computer-based learning, social media and mobile learning. He is a qualified primary and secondary teacher who has taught Mathematics, Science and Information Systems to senior levels. He currently sits on the board of the Australian Mathematics Trust and is an Associate Editor for the Australian Journal of Educational Technology.
Andrew Wheaton
Andrew Wheaton is the Deputy Headmaster Academic of Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie).

Companies and Businesses

Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge
cafe_goodwill_bridge Brendan, the general manager of Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge in Brisbane has been very supportive, promoting both the Kickstarter campaigns and our book giveaways to his loyal client base, as well as keeping me well plied with coffee.
Printer: IngramSpark
ingram_spark Ingramspark provides print on demand production for the book.

Other Connections

Oliver Knill
oliver Oliver Knill is a Harvard University mathematician and curator of one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive lists of mathematics in movies and novels. He has also coded a 3D animation of Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball for his students – awesome. Oliver has been kind enough to add A Question of Will to his list of math in novels.